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​​​Established in 2006, ULAX is one of the most successful lacrosse training programs in Maryland.

Founded by Mark Mozier and John Davis, we pride ourselves in our approach to improve your game. 
History - As parents we learned the sport and were not satisfied with results of what we were paying for so we studied the game, grouped many great coaches and developed a proven formula to create the ultimate lacrosse player. We will improve your skills if you are willing to get to the next level.
Our players learn sportsmanship and team work  while advancing their skills in lacrosse. 
You will surprise yourself with what you can accomplish!

Our success is based on our graduates playing D1, D2 and D3 lacrosse in colleges all over the nation.  Be apart of the best!

Our Coaches - We have many coaches and they are experienced and well trained. At every ULAX training session we have certified coaches.
Our coaches are Girls High school coaches, private and public. They are club coaches and US Lacrosse certified coaches. We have actual college coaches not only visit but coach YOU!!!

We are Certified in First Aid, Certified in CPR, Certified in AED.
Our D1,D2, D3 players help with our practices.

The most important thing is our coaches are there because they care and love the sport. Our coaches get paid nothing so this assures you that they are there because they want to be. This is why our fee's are so low for what you get.

​​​About Us

ULAX was founded in 2006 by two lax dads with a vision.  A somewhat warped vision… that we could improve upon the coaching that our daughters were getting at the club level and later, in high school.
Well… we were RIGHT! 

Since 2006, we have trained hundreds of young ladies.  We believe our innovative methods and hands-on approach can make anyone better
Our mission is to improve the skills of each and every player who walks through our doors.  Further, we will walk each player through the  recruiting process, step by step.  We talk to college coaches each and every day.  We try and find the right school for each and every player.

email:  mark@ulaxtraining.com

Changing the future of our lacrosse players !!!

   University of Ladies Lacrosse